SudaRA is a C++ framework based on ARToolKit for development of Augmented Reality applications, offering features such as support for 3D models, sound, network, multiple-marker tracking, among others through a simple and well-structured interface.

SudaRA 0.4 released! [May 18, 2010]

There are some changes on the code to turn SudaRA more clear and organized.
- New classes were added to handle colors.
- Now it is possible to manage the application resolution.
- Fixed bugs on OpenAL for Code::Blocks, memory leaks, etc.
- Examples were updated as shown (VRMLExample) below.
See ChangeLog.txt for details.
Click here to download SudaRA 0.4.

Tutorial: Export from Blender to SudaRA! [May 9, 2011]

We have a new logo! [February 25, 2011]

SudaRA has been improved with a nice logo made by Luana Nascimento.
Click here to see her other professional works.
Thanks Luana!

SudaRA 0.3.5 released! [February 14, 2011]

SudaRA-0.3.5 was just released.
Some bugs fixed, including a "screen flickering" detected for some PCs.

Eduardo Damasceno made a great contribution by sharing his experiences putting OpenCV and SudaRA working together.
An example was added based on his code sample. Thanks Eduardo!
Another example was added showing how to use network with Augmented Reality.

Click here and download SudaRA for your compiler!

Happy new yeAR! [January 1, 2011]

By the way...that is SudaRA's first year since it was registered in SourceForge domain.
Wish you a great 2011!

SudaRA 0.3 released! [November 5, 2010]

SudaRA-0.3 was just released for MinGW (examples built with Code::Blocks), Visual C++ 2008 and 2010.
- Added some resources to manage lights and primitives easily.
- A new module was added to support VRML models.
- More examples added, including Animation, AudioAndGUI and VrmlSample.
A simple tutorial showing some basic SudaRA concepts was made for a better understanding.

See ChangeLog.txt for details.
Go to download page and enjoy SudaRA!

Good news for GCC users. [October 17, 2010]

SudaRA was successfully ported to MinGW/GCC. Next release will be available soon.

SudaRA 0.2 released! [September 26, 2010]

SudaRA-0.2 was just released for Visual C++ 2008 and 2010.
Some bugs fixed, and new features added.

Now you can load and play videos as entities (the AVI file used in VideoPlayer example was created by Fredster for NeHe's Lesson #35).
A new "onGetFrame()" callback was added to give you access to the pixels of each frame capturated by your cam.
More examples were added to guide you developing your own AR applications.

See ChangeLog.txt for details.
Choose the best SudaRA version for your compiler and download!

Screen shaking? [September 24, 2010]

Some people had got video problems using SudaRA. That bug was identified on double buffer settings, and was fixed for next version.

FAQ page added. [September 23, 2010]

A "Frequently Asked Questions" page about SudaRA and Augmented Reality was added. Check it out!

SudaRA is now available for download! [August 8, 2010]

In this first version, you can try some features like:
- Pattern tracking based on ARToolkit
- Input handling
- GUI components (image, text and buttons)
- Static and Animated models
- GLSL Shader interface
- 2d and 3d Sounds
- Network

Some basic examples were included to help you start developing your AR applications. Click here to download.