Frequently Asked Questions

What is Augmented Reality?
Augmented Reality (AR) is defined by the addition of virtual entities to a real environment. These kind of systems use a video capture device, extract any needed information from each image, and render some virtual elements. In real time.

What does "SudaRA" means?
SudaRA is a composition of "Suporte ao Desenvolvimento de Aplicações em Realidade Aumentada" from portuguese language, that means "Support for Augmented Reality Applications Development".

What is possible to do with SudaRA?
You can create a lot of kind of AR applications based on marker tracking. Add some 3d models, images, texts, videos, buttons, sounds. Use one or more patterns. You can try to write some Computer Vision algorithms to detect other things in the video frame using "onGetFrame" callback.

How to create a new marker?
SudaRA uses ARToolKit to track markers. So, your new pattern must be drawn rounded by a square. To create a new marker, download ARToolKit, run "mk_patt.exe" from the bin directory and follow its steps.

Where is the camera configuration dialog?
If you wish to see the camera dialog before your application starts, edit "WDM_camera_flipV.xml" in media folder. Find "show_format_dialog" and change its value to "true".